Why is Raw Power SuperFood Mix Unique?

SuperFood Mix is a dry mixture of over 30 “superfoods“ combined in such a way as to provide superior all-in-one nutritional support that tastes great, is convenient,and is also extremely cost-effective. Choose from 4 different flavors including: Natural (naturally sweetened with with Xylitol & Stevia and no added flavoring), Unsweetened (no added sweeteners or flavoring), Chocolate Brownie (naturally sweetened as above and flavored with raw, organic cocoa and chocolate chips), and Peanut Butter (naturally sweetened as above and flavored with peanut butter chips).

Why is it important to have a clean, quality protein source?

Protein is an essential building block for growth, maintenance, and repair; it is also the most common macronutrient for a person to become allergic to. We have chosen organic pumpkin seed protein as our superfood protein source for several reasons. A major one is its quality and amino acid profile (excellent). In addition to it being organic & kosher, it also provides additional fiber and EFAs. Next, because it is “different” than the typical protein sources, there is much less likelihood of a person having or developing a sensitivity or allergy to it.

Great for Weight Loss – Safe for Diabetics

Because SuperFood Mix has no Fast Sugars, it is Great for weight loss, and safe for diabetics. It is also an ideal diet food or meal replacement loaded with High Fiber, High Quality Protein, Essential Fatty Acids, Medium Chain Triglycerides (healthy fats), and made from Whole Foods.

Vegan & Paleo

Pumpkin seed protein is also obviously Vegan, and being a seed, is also appropriate for those choosing to follow a Paleo / Caveman Diet regimen.